i kind of really really don’t like froz3npizza and a lot of its shippers. it’s just…frostiron people have every right and reason to not want to see a ship that isn’t frostiron in their tag or on blogs. i mean, it isn’t frostiron. it’s a threesome ship. just because two of the people in it are shipped together in a separate pairing doesn’t make it the same thing. like, jfc, no other threesome ship does this.

and what i hate most is that they throw around accusations of misogyny and sexism to make people feel guilty and then stop saying anything because they don’t want to appear sexist when, in reality, they aren’t being sexist at all; they just don’t ship it! they may even ship both frostiron and pepperony separately. and then, the people who are making a completely rational request get flack from other frostiron shippers who don’t mind and/or ship froz3npizza for ‘being mean’ and ‘bullying’, which is really shitty, because then people start doing it more and on purpose purely to upset the people who said, “hey, we don’t want to fight or anything, and we don’ mind your ship, but could you please keep it in your tag?” (which is pretty much an unwritten rule of fandom; you don’t tag your hate and you don’t mistag them, even if whatever your thing is ‘needs exposure’).

it’s just a really shitty and underhanded way to respond to people who did not, in fact, commit any fandom faux pas by asking for one ship to not tag themselves as another. seriously, by responding like that, not only have you alienated a whole bunch of people from their fellow shippers for not doing anything wrong, you’ve pretty much ensured that they’re gonna dislike seeing your ship even more by being such a bunch of childish, inconsiderate dickbags.

people are now purposefully tagging this stuff as frostiron just to be dicks. it reminds me a lot of this one olaf comic.

except the frostiron people didn't seem to be being dicks in the first place

okay, rant over. 

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  1. qwanderer said: Mostly agree with this, but I haven’t seen any froz3npizza under the fi tag except one piece under a Read More and that one Tony/Loki AU piece for the last five days. Did they take it off the tag?
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